Glacier Meadow Community Camp

Glacier Meadow Community Camp is a place to connect with nature, friends and fun!

Hogwart's express train

About Us

Glacier Meadow Community Camp is a volunteer-led week-long camp experience for girls in 4th through 12th grade. Our camp is located in the Mount Baker foothills near the Canadian border. The 100 acre site features a spacious meadow with ancient glacial features, surrounded by an evergreen forest.

The units at camp are made of up gazebos, tents, and warm staff. The camp shares an outdoor kitchen with great cooks who fix our meals. We bring in port-o-potties for our bathroom needs. Camp has everything we need for a great week.

2017 camp dates are July 30th to August 5th

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2017 Theme: Hogwarts

Our girl-selected theme for 2017 is Hogwarts. Find out what it is like to go to school at Hogwarts. Live in dormitories, go to classes,  play qudditch, and be challenged with your house teams. 

In addition to team challenges, campers may experience canoeing. archery, geocaching and day hikes.

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For more information about volunteering at camp, or being a camper, please see our Registration and Volunteer pages.